"Small but Mighty - specialising in recruiting quality household staff for private estates and houses globally."  COUNTRY LIFE MAGAZINE

"Confidential supplier of experienced staff to private homes." THE SUNDAY OBSERVER

"LJW has for many years, brought together some of the leading positions in the private service sector. I was placed into a top management position for a large property, and they also produced the best staff for the other roles in the house. Great service, great support. With much gratitude." MR PS, HOUSE MANAGER, SURREY

"Lynda is a people person - honest, hard-working with plenty of clients and candidates on her books. She has always helped me out, whether it is a new job, or when I am seeking staff for my clients." MR MF, PRIVATE GLOBAL CHEF

"Specialises in the placement of top quality staff, working with an excellent track record in placing a wide variety of staff - from trained butlers and chefs to housekeepers, nannies and more." QUINTESSENTIALLY MAGAZINE

"The pick of the Personnel agencies… experienced in working for clients both in London and abroad." VV LUXURY LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE, RUSSIA

"Always willing to go the extra mile, Lynda has a very good understanding of client requirements, and an innate ability to match the right candidate with the right client. She has an enviable address book, is utterly trustworthy and 100% professional. I would highly recommend LJW Recruitment to anyone looking for quality domestic staff for private estates, homes and family offices." MS AS, VANITY FAIR, CONDE NAST

"Provides key quality staff to the top echelons of society, blue chip corporations and royal households." ALL THINGS IMAGE BLOG

"LJW Recruitment is far and away the best Agency I have joined. Lynda's calm, professional yet understanding approach and her extensive knowledge of the industry, has resulted in the right job for me and for her Client." MR MN, CHAUFFEUR, LONDON

"It’s been great working with such a professional and conscientious agency." MR DT, HOUSE MANAGER, LONDON

"Hiring staff is no longer seen as an elite luxury, it is an essential lifestyle necessity - LJW is your go too." COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE