Lynda J. Weatherhead

Having identified the need for a specialist in-depth and personal approach to private clients, family offices and their environments, Lynda J. Weatherhead is the force behind LJW Recruitment, founded in 2003.  Lynda has lived and worked in the UK, Switzerland, USA & Australia.

Lynda has extensive global experience and is a sought after and recognised recruiter, with a wealth of knowledge in dealing with staff and client lifestyles, from a variety of countries and cultures.

Her background in luxury and lifestyle management covers international recruitment, hospitality, hotels and publishing, along with high-end real estate and property management, concierge services, along with other specialist areas in leading companies such as Knight Frank, Cadogan Publications, Hospitality Ireland, Luxury News TV, Quintessentially Lifestyle, Let Us Chef and The AgenC International Recruitment, to name a few. 

Lynda also sits on the Advisory Board of Family Office, which provides guidance and is a valuable resource, to both Family Offices and candidates.

Her expertise, philosophy and global outlook are the driving force behind a boutique agency, that brings exacting private clients together with quality candidates. Lynda is well known for enabling successful business relationships, and an unrivalled quality of service. She believes in working in long-term partnerships with all parties.