Daily Housekeeper - Hampstead, London

We are seeking an experienced and flexible Housekeeper, to work for a family with 2 children under the ages of 5. Fully staffed household: 2 chefs, 2 nannies, 1 f/t Housekeeper, 1 p/t housekeeper, and they need one more full time housekeeper (possibly 2). Must be fit and active as there is 4 flights of stairs, 6 bedrooms, no pets, straight forward housekeeping and ironing. Other housekeepers been there 5 & 6 years, so testament to good employers.

The family adhere to Religious Shabat on most Friday evenings, and on Sunday, family days - so need the days / hours covered below, however for a 40 hour week they will pay £500 npwk, plus cab home after 10pm on Friday evenings (if you live within reasonable distance).

Non Negotiable Working Hours:

Monday 9 - 5pm = 8 hour day

Tuesday or Thursday 9 - 5pm = 8 hour day *  

Wednesday 9 - 5pm = 8 hour day   

Friday 3 to 10pm or 11pm - 8 hour day  

Sunday 11 or 12 - 6 or 7pm = 8 hour day

* Tuesday and Saturday off / or you can have Thursday and Saturday off / cannot be 2 consecutive days in a row

Must have checkable references, and longevity in previous roles, with experience gained in 5* luxury hotel, or high end property/household. Start end August. Salary £500 npwk / £33,254 gross pa. Email your resume to cv@ljwrecruitment.com